Best Street Food in Milton Keynes

The market for street food has positively boomed over the past few years. Thanks to trendy markets in London and the fact that more people want to buy local and support local, there are now so many amazing street food vendors out there. When I lived in Birmingham, Digbeth Dining Club was just starting to accelerate in popularity and I still hold that as one of the best street food markets in the country.

When I came back to Milton Keynes, I was so pleased to see it was gradually starting to put itself on the food map thanks to the hard work of several hard-working individuals who have a real passion for good food. There are some incredible street food vendors in MK, most of which I have visited several times…! I love nothing more than a chilled evening eating street food with friends. Here is a guide to the best street food in Milton Keynes.

MK Food Guide: Best Street Food in Milton Keynes

  1. Bandit
  2. Baja Cantina
  3. Bokkie
  4. The Calzone Kitchen
  5. Eat is Greek
  6. Feast
  7. Good Times Cafe
  8. The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen
  9. Made in Sud
  10. Man-o-tu Kitchen
  11. Now Now South African Food Co.
  12. The Little Waffle Company
  13. The Rub BBQ
  14. Saf’s Kitchen
  15. Sizzler’s Street Food
  16. Taco Shack MK


Bandit is one of the OG street food vendors in MK and won Best Street Food Vendor at the MK Food Awards 2018. Serving up burgers inspired by the bandits of the world, there is no holding back on flavours! My favourite is Billy the Kid – slow-roasted pulled pork in an apple, cumin and black pepper marinade topped with apple cider sour coleslaw served in a brioche bun. Bandit also has the title of ‘Street Food Vendor of the Year 2018’ at the MK Food Awards. Yep. These guys are good. 

If you work in Central Milton Keynes, you can often find the big red or grey van serving lunch at the Pinnacle, or at Witan Studios for street food Fridays.

Baja Cantina

You know you visit a street food van A LOT when they always know what you’re going to order… I always order halloumi tacos. Always. Baja Cantina serves Mexican street food and as I just mentioned, I always have the halloumi tacos which usually come with some kind of fruity salsa like mango, pineapple or kiwi and are topped with amazing chilli mayo. The nachos are also to die for, topped with various slow-cooked spicy meats. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s good tasty street food.


I tried Bokkie at a Food Truck Friday in Newport Pagnell and I was SO impressed! The South African street food vendor is well worth checking out – and the van is super cute and features lots of traditional decorations from South Africa. Claire owns Bokkie and regularly frequents street food events in MK. The bunny chow is absolutely delicious and features a delicious homemade sourdough bread roll from Geoff’s Artisan Bread. Claire has also won a Great Taste Award for her chilli beet slaw which comes with the bunny chow and it is truly delicious! I’d recommend the mutton bunny chow. It’s got a bit of a kick to it and the mutton is unbelievably tender. Next time you see Bokkie, definitely give it a go.

The Calzone Kitchen

If you love pizza, carbs and calzones, you will LOVE The Calzone Kitchen! These guys are based Brickhill way but you will find them at various events in Milton Keynes. I first tried them at Eat Street and have been hankering after a calzone ever since! Serving up sourdough calzones with a variety of veggie and meat fillings, they guys have been gone street food style with this dish. Yum. The chicken and chorizo calzone is to die for. You can find them at Great Brickhill Cricket Club for calzone nights. Look out for their sister company, The Cocky Chick serving up fried chicken.

Eat is Greek

When I went to Greece in 2018, I had gyros for the first time and ohmygoodness. Ever since, I have been desperate to try Eat is Greek, a traditional Greek street food van in MK in a mission to find a dish to transport me back to the Ionian islands. Gyros are like a Greek kebab; a pitta filled with tzatziki, meat (usually pork or chicken) fresh onion, tomato, and CHIPS. I know. It sounds like heaven and it IS heaven.

Eat is Greek should be the next street food vendor on your hitlist. A single gyros should be enough for one person, but if you’re feeling brave (or hungover!) try the gyros XXL – yikes. They appear at local street food markets and in different neighbourhoods in MK so keep an eye on their schedule on Facebook or their website. Eat is Greek also has a van in Central MK shopping centre which is FANTASTIC news for gyros fans.


Feast has been around for a while and I remember having an incredible chicken shawarma wrap a few years ago but our paths have not crossed since! They cropped up at Eat Street recently and I was straight to the stand for a piece of BBQ’d. Feast keep things simple, BBQing tasty meal over charcoal. All of their meat is sourced from Woburn Country Foods so you know you are going to get tasty, quality meal. The wraps are part of their regular menu. Pictured below is the harissa lamb wrap with minted yoghurt and sriracha sauce and the jerk chicken wrap with chimichurri. Each wrap contains couscous, salad and meat so you get a decent meal all in one. And it’s bloody tasty! If you love powerful flavours and tasty meats, you’ll love Feast!

Good Times Cafe

The people behind Good Times Cafe are the people who have brought street food to MK and I will forever be grateful to them for it! However, I will also forever be grateful to them for creating the greatest cheese toasties of ALL TIME. I don’t think I have ever seen so much cheese go into a toastie. A toastie that has two thick slices of bread buttered on both sides, and a fist full of cheese and also comes with a variety of fillings. Good Times’ classic four cheese and marmite toastie is borderline legendary, as is their nduja sausage toastie. You can find Good Times Cafe at most street food events and every month at Eat Street MK. They also run Ideas Cafe at Cranfield Technology park during the week. 

The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen

Street food without the guilt? Yes please! Healthy Jamaican Kitchen has been around in MK for a while and they really are getting a fantastic name for themselves. Cooking up a storm with traditional Caribbean dishes such as curry goat, jerk chicken and dumplings, HJK’s ethos was born from a love of eating healthy food that still tasted amazing. Generally leaner than other meats, goat is a tasty yet healthy addition to the menu. I’d recommend the curry goat and jerk chicken – the spices are gentle yet you can feel them warming the back of your throat! The dumplings are also worth a try – soft, dense buns with a chilli sauce. These go down a treat! You’ll find HJK at various street food events in Milton Keynes and they also have a residency at The Green Man in Mursely, so make sure you check out their website for their next pop-up!

Made in Sud

The closest I have ever got to proper, Italian style pizza at home is probably Made in Sud. Perhaps surprisingly, Made in Sud is a pizzeria van which is just outside Waterstones in intu shopping centre so is probably the most easily accessible street food in MK. It has a proper pizza oven inside which cooks the pizzas incredibly quickly and with a glorious, slightly charred crust. Everything is good from the rich tomato sauce to the fresh mozzarella to the fresh basil. Made in Sud pizzas are ludicrously cheap at £4.50 for a margarita but if you want to spice it up, try the nduja sausage one. So. Good.

Man-o-tu Kitchen

Have you ever had Afghan food? Neither had I until I tried Man-o-tu! Serving up traditional Afghan food, straight from the family kitchen, Man-o-tu brings a different cuisine to Milton Keynes. The menu is quite small at the moment, but the flavours are incredible! My favourite dish is the Mantu, meat-filled dumplings topped with lentil sauce, yoghurt dip and fresh coriander. Bolani (a filled flatbread) is also on the menu and is equally delicious and great for grabbing on the go.

You can find Man-o-tu in Queen’s Court in the centre:mk.

Now Now South African Food Co.

If you love curry, spice and comfort food you will absolutely LOVE Now Now South African. Based in Northamptonshire, Now Now crops up at several MK based events including Eat Street so you will definitely get a chance to sample the food. You must try the Bunny Chow – freshly made, steaming hot curry served up on a homemade bread roll is all kinds of good and is probably one of my new street food favourites. Also pictured below are the special ribs which occasionally run as a special. The meat is slow cooked and marinated in a rich, buttery sauce and served with a potato salad and carrot samba. The meat literally falls off the bone. Incredible. Jane runs Now Now South African Food Co. and so many other vendors vouch for her amazing cooking. Look out for Now Now at MK events and also events further afield. Check out where she’ll be next on Now Now’s website.

The Little Waffle Company

If you want something a little sweeter, check out The Little Waffle Company! From Olney, Milton Keynes, this duo create fun twists on a classic waffle. I’ve had the ‘waffle pops’ which are a fun take on the waffle and topped with everything from Oreos (yum) to rainbow sprinkles. These are sweet and crisp and ideal if you don’t have much room for dessert! I think my favourite has to be the classic waffles though – they look amazing as they taste! Pictured below is a berry waffle topped with strawberries, mascarpone and crumbled ginger biscuits.

The Rub BBQ

It took me FAR too long to try The Rub. The way to my heart is mac n’ cheese, and the first thing I had to try was the smoked BBQ pulled pork mac topped with pineapple and a spicy habanero sauce. The meats from The Rub are all wood-smoked to give a deep earthy flavour and my god it’s good. Tender, smokey and everything that BBQ meats should be. The wings from the rub are also great. The buffalo sauce is sweet and sticky, drenching the tender wings in amazing flavours. The blue cheese dip is as it should be: a little sour to match the sweetness of the wings.

Saf’s Kitchen

Saf’s Kitchen is my favourite street food vendor in Milton Keynes. I might be biased because Saf has become a lovely friend to Dan and me and regularly gives us the odd dinner! But she really does cook up the most wonderful Indian and Punjabi street food. Saf is always pushing boundaries and trying something new – like Punjabi sausages and tandoori haddock. Yum! My all-time favourite dish is the pakoras which are topped with spicy onion chutney and cook riata. New for 2019 is Saf’s new street food trick, Jug Jug Janno! Look out for this colourful tuck serving up Punjabi street food at an event near you!

Sizzler’s Street Food

Sizzler’s have been around for a while but I only recently tried their food. Rebranding from Sizzler’s Burger Shack to Sizzler’s Street Food, they now offer various dishes at each event they do. From hot dogs to burgers to halloumi fries, they keep it fresh and exciting!

Pictured below is. “The Lightning Bolt Hot Dog” which is a Jamaican jerk pork sausage made by a local butcher in Great Brickhill, topped with crispy onions and a mango, pineapple and habanero sauce. SO. DAMN. GOOD. The burger is the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ which features a 100% chuck steak patty, cheese, smoked bacon and onion relish made especially for Sizzlers by Jam Moo Kow. Chris is also the loveliest guy and serves everything with a smile on his face!

Taco Shack

Taco Shack MK is run by Robin – AKA the Taco Man! One of the original street food vendors in MK, Robin has built a cult following of taco lovers. He keeps things traditional with proper corn tortillas and some seriously spicy sauces. Smoked chilli beef, lime and chilli chicken thighs and grilled halloumi can all be turned into a burrito, taco or nacho topping so you can take control of your Mexican meal. The tacos taste authentic and are served in corn tortillas.

Head to my what’s on page and filter events by ‘food & drink.’ You’ll find all the best street food events in Milton Keynes so you can find some of your favourite vendors. And the best bit? Most of the events are FREE entry! Bon Appetite!

Who is your street food favourite vendor in Milton Keynes? Check out my other MK Food Guides for more eating out inspiration.

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Best Street Food in Milton Keynes


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