Best Burgers in Milton Keynes

Happy National Burger Day! I’ve had this post in my drafts for a long time, then I woke up and saw what day it was – so I couldn’t resist sharing it! What constitutes a good burger is very much a personal choice. For me, it’s a mouthful of balanced flavour with a range of textures – it needs to have Umami and ultimately, be a meal in one. Fast-food chains have dominated the burger scene, with most people thinking that’s all that’s out there to enjoy, but I say you don’t know what you’re missing. The rise of the street food scene has paved the way for more niche burgers using quality, local ingredients, and vendors pushing the burger boundaries to create something truly delicious.

In this Milton Keynes food guide, I’m sharing the best burgers to come out of Milton Keynes from independent vendors.

Guide to the Best Burgers in Milton Keynes

  1. Bandit Street Food
  2. The Brasserie at MK College
  3. Gourmet Burger Joint
  4. Saf’s Kitchen
  5. Sizzler’s
  6. Percy’s BBQ

The Ned Kelly by Bandit Street Food

I make no secret of my absolute adoration of Bandit Street Food. It won Best Street Food Vendor at the MK Food Awards in 2018 for a reason!

This is one of my all-time favourite burgers. In fact, Dan and I both dream about it quite often. The Ned Kelly is a dream combination of beef brisket, southern fried chicken breast, Bandit slaw, BBQ sauce and jalapeno cheese, sandwiched in a lightly toasted brioche bun.

Crunchy slaw, gooey cheese, crispy chicken breast and oozy, tender brisket. It’s absolutely perfect.

You can find Bandit Street Food at local street food events such at Eat Street MK and Street Food Friday. Currently, you can find the truck at Green Dragon Eco Farm. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Bandit Street Food Ned Kelly burger
The Ned Kelly by Bandit

Double Stacked Burger by The Brasserie at MK College

Did you know that Milton Keynes College has a restaurant that offers delicious food including what me and Jonathan of Bandit Street Food have dubbed one of the greatest locally made burgers ever?!

This burger is an ultimate classic – double beef burger with cheese, bacon and onion chutney. It’s about ยฃ6 and absolutely incredible value. The burgers are locally sourced and so tender. And make sure you try the accompanying fries too – SO GOOD.

The Brasserie is currently closed due to Coronavirus. Check their website for further updates.

Double Stacked Burger from The Brasserie at MK College, Bletchley

House Burger by Gourmet Burger Joint

There’s a theme with what constitutes my favourite burgers here… I like ’em stacked with a lot of meat!

Gourmet Burger Joint is a newbie on the independent food scene in Milton Keynes, and it’s a good’un. The House Burger is their signature on the menu and features a 4oz beef patty, southern fried chicken breast, macon bacon, cheese, lettuce, gherkins and smoked BBQ sauce, all in a brioche bun. GBJ has got that fast food flavour without the grease. The ingredients are good and you can really tell.

Gourmet Burger Joint is open daily from 4pm and offers takeaway and delivery. Sit in will be available soon when lockdown restrictions lift.

Best Burgers in MK: House burger from Gourmet Burger Joint
House Burger from Gourmet Burger Joint, Newport Pagnell

Double Besharam by Saf’s Kitchen

I’m cheating a little bit here by including a burger that isn’t always readily available, however, I had to include this Punjabi burger from the amazing Saf’s Kitchen. Saf introduced Punjabi burgers to her street food menu in 2020 and they have gone down a storm.

This is the Double Besharam which features tandoori aubergine, chicken tikka breast, chilli and lime grilled pineapple, onion, tomatoes, mango chutney, crispy sev and mixed leaves, all in a brioche bun (or vegan brioche by Geoff’s Real Artisan Bread).

I love this burger because it’s got so much texture and balanced flavour. There is the sweetness of the fruit with the kick from the tandoori, then all the gooeyness of the meat and filling with crispy sev (puffed rice). It’s just brilliant.

Follow Saf’s Kitchen on Facebook to stay up to date on when the next street food event will be.

Punjabi Burger by Saf’s Kitchen

Sweet Home Alabama by Sizzler’s

Sizzler’s is another street food vendor in Milton Keynes that does fantastic burgers using great local ingredients. The Sweet Home Alabama is another great classic burger featuring a 100% chuck steak patty from The Best Butchers in Great Brickhil, bacon, cheese and a specially made onion relish by Jam Moo Kow.

It’s got the sweet and the savoury so much good flavours going on!

You can find Sizzler’s at various street food events in Milton Keynes, including Street Food Friday which takes place on the third Friday of every month in Queen’s Avenue Carpark in Newport Pagnell.

Sizzlers Street Food Sweet Home Alabama burger
Sweet Home Alabama by Sizzler’s

Porkwich by Percy’s BBQ

Percy’s BBQ is pretty much a household name in Milton Keynes, serving up great burgers and BBQ food. It was Dan that suggested that the Porkwich deserved a spot in my this guide to the best burgers in MK and he was not wrong.

It’s not quite a traditional burger, but it’s meat in a bun! Cajun pork steak with chorizo, smoked bacon, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and mayo. HEAVEN. It’s smokey, sweet, a little bit spicy and totally delicious. You really don’t get the greasy feeling with Percy’s either. Win win.

Percy’s offer collection and delivery and is open Wednesday – Saturday.

The Porkwich by Percy's BBQ
Porkwich by Percy’s BBQ

I already have another contender – Five Ahki’s in Peartree Bridge Marina and Byte MK which is opening soon near Furzton. Both of these look GREAT but I couldn’t not miss National Burger Day! Let me know if you’ve tried Five Ahki’s? I’ll be updating as soon as I try it!

What is your favourite burger in Milton Keynes? How many of these have you tried?

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