The Chef’s Table at Cornwall Place Kitchen

AD PR Meal – My experience at Cornwall Place Kitchen meal was complimentary.

Cornwall Place Kitchen opened in Buckingham in 2021. By day, it’s a coffee shop and café serving delicious coffee and one of the best brunches in the area. By night, Cornwall Place Kitchen becomes an intimate dining space with a Chef’s Table experience. It’s the perfect destination to celebrate a special occasion, and is really not that far from Milton Keynes. I was lucky enough to be invited along to a PR night along with five other fellow foodies (@emmaroseeats, @gohfeedme, @bethsbitess, @heyamylouise and @community_contact_magazine) to enjoy a seven course meal with wine pairing.

In this blog post, get the full lowdown on the Chef’s Table experience and discover why CPK needs to be top of your foodie hitlist.

About Cornwall Place Kitchen

Cornwall Place Kitchen is tucked behind the high street in Buckingham in Cornwall Place (near Waitrose if you’re familiar with the area!) It joins a growing community of independent eateries in Buckingham including Prego, Zinc, Carnitas, Louis’ and Binn Smokehouse to name a few. Cornwall Place Kitchen opened in 2021 and is owned by George and Sarah, who some of you may remember from Sophie’s Supper Club at The Brasserie in November 2019. Following lockdown they took on their own venture and CPK was born.

The Chef’s Table at CPK

Despite being a coffee shop during the day (and a very good one at that!) it is apparent that the Chef’s Table and providing dining experiences are what Sarah and George are truly passionate about. George works his magic in the kitchen, and Sarah hosts the guests and provides the insight into the wines. The Chef’s Table seats eight people and you have a clear view of the kitchen so you can watch the experts at work. There’s also an iPad with Spotify hooked up to the sound system so you can even choose your playlist!

Our welcome drink was a Sloe Berry Fizz, which featured Bucks Brothers Pomegranate Sloe Gin, one of my favourite local spirits. This is one of the best autumn winter tipples, and the sweet yet sharp gin pairs beautifully with sparkling wine.

The canapé was a Bloody Mary Tapioca Puff. A was a sweet, sharp shot of Bloody Mary followed by a crisp, savoury puff. Satisfying and delicious.

The first course was a Blue Cheese Scone served with Mushroom Clotted Cream and Onion Rum Jam. What an incredible combination of flavours! The rum jam was sweet which went beautifully with the nutty, earthy flavours of the clotted cream. The blue cheese didn’t come through very strong in the scone, but it still provided an excellent. tasty vehicle for the jam and cream.

The next course was Mackerel Paté on an Onion Waffle with Beetroot and Celeriac. This was a beautifully presented plate of food with perfectly balanced flavours of the season.

The mackerel paté was bold and flavoursome, which stood out against the sweer nuttiness of the beetroot. The waffle was soft and melted in the mouth. All in all, an excellent dish.

This dish was paired with a limited edition rosé from CHAFOR Wine, a 23 acre vineyard in Gawcott, Buckinghamshire just under three miles from Cornwall Place Kitchen! Now that’s what I call locally sourced. The wine was everything I love in a rosé – crisp, pale and fresh.

The course and wine pairring that followed went down a treat with the table. First, a Mushroom Risotto served with a Cheese Soufflé, Jus and a Thyme Cracker. This was stunning and a true celebration of the humble mushroom! It was nutty, earthy, savoury with a beautiful balance of textures between the risotto rice, soufflé and cracker.

Then the paired wine – OH the wine! This was the ‘Penny Red’ from Halfpenny Green Wine Easte in Staffordshire. It was absolutely stunning and smelt beautiful. It was so fragrant, it almost smelt like a chocolatey dessert. The grape variety was Pinot Noir, Rondo and Regent so it was medium bodied and a very easy drinker that went well with the strong flavours in the dish. It was really lovely to see English wines celebrated on this wine menu!

“It was really lovely to see English wines celebrated on this wine menu!”

The final savoury course was also one of my favourite courses. A succulent piece of pork loin served with a rich, ragout, melt in the mouth dauphinoise, parmesan and parsnip. This was gorgeous and despite my initial reservations, it didn’t need any jus. The ragout did more than a good enough job of marrying the components together.

This dish was paired with a Villa Gracchio Chianti from CAVAVIN in Buckingham, directly across the street from CPK. I love a Chianti (and have visited Chianti in Tuscany!) so I was a fan of this deep ruby-red, wine with fruity notes.

The palette cleanser was so funand different to anything I’ve had as part of a tasting menu. They were Blood Orange Margarita Ice Pops! And boy, did they taste like a real margarita. The ice pops had us screwing up our faces with delight as the citrusy tequila mix danced over our tongues. They were even topped with a little salt!

Blood Orange Margarita Ice Pops.

“The ice pops had us screwing up our faces in delight as the citrusy tequila mix danced across our tongue.”

And finally it was time for dessert, which didn’t disappoint. A Chocolate Delice with Beetroot Marshmallow, Smoked Cream and White Chocolate. This was an abundance of sweet, rich and savoury flavours which was the perfect way to end the meal.

To my slight disappointment but to everyone else’s delight, the final drink was not a dessert wine, but a Rum Old Fashioned made with Two Drifters Rum. I’ll forgive them for forgoing the dessert wine, because I do love an Old Fashioned.

We also had some delicious homemade fudge, but I have to confess that after a few glasses of wine, the photos didn’t come out great… So you’ll have to take my word for it that it was delicious!

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Booking the Chefs Table

You can book the Chef’s Table on a day that suits you. A minimum spend of £500 will be applied to all bookings so it is suggested that bookings are of 6-8 people to get the true experience. Visit their website to find out more.

If you don’t fancy doing the Chef’s Table or want to try the menu, you can experience CPK’s Dine Nights or Steak Nights!

Getting there

Depending on where you live in MK, Cornwall Place Kitchen is about a 20-25 minute drive from Central Milton Keynes. You can drive or if you want to enjoy the wine flight, I’d recommend a cab! A cab ended up being £26 each way. Split four ways between the MK foodies, it was £13 return and took about 25 minutes.

FInal thoughts

I would definitely recommend dining at Cornwall Place Kitchen if you are looking for an intimate dining space to enjoy good food and company. if you’re looking for a way to celebrate something special, or just want to experience great food. We has such a lovely evening. It was proof that food brings people together and helps us create memories to cherish. I’m so grateful that this platform has brought so many wonderful people into my life. George and Sarah were brilliant hosts and everything was beautifully executed. We are so lucky to have talented, passionate chefs like this in Milton Keynes.

And make sure you make the trip for brunch too – the CPK and French Toast are something else!!!

Have you been to Cornwall Place Kitchen? Are you tempted by the Chef’s Table?

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DISCLAIMER: This meal was complimentary in return for an honest review on my blog. This does not affect my opinion. Click here for my full disclosure policy.

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