Where to buy great wine in Milton Keynes: Introducing The Wine Cellar Olney

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If I have to thank my boyfriend Dan for one thing, it’s for overhauling my taste in wine. Before we met, my wine knowledge stopped at a bottle of Blossom Hill White Zinfandel Rosé which was my beverage of choice on a night out at university. Now, I love nothing more than a rich glass of red wine. A Malbec is my winter favourite, but I also love a chilled Pinot Noir during the summer months. It is safe to say that my Blossom Hill days are well and truly behind me! (And I can’t drink it again without some terrible flashbacks…)

I’m really excited to introduce you to a fantastic local business – The Wine Cellar (formerly Woburn Wine Cellar) In this post, you’ll find out more about The Wine Cellar, what to expect when you visit the shop and some tips for choosing a great wine.

About The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar is a family-run, independent wine retailer with over a decade of industry experience. It started life as ‘The Woburn Wine Cellar’, which you may already be familiar with. It was founded and by Stefan Botfield in 2016, who found an empty shop on Woburn High Street. The rest, as they say, is history.

Stefan is hugely passionate about good quality, hand-crafted wines that he sources from family-owned wineries across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Wine tastings are also hosted at the shop, but during the lockdown, these tasting went virtual and were hugely successful, with people from all over the UK taking part!

The Wine Cellar comes to Olney

The Wine Cellar has been one of the businesses to buck the trend during the lockdown and has been very successful – it seems people never stopped drinking wine! So after a little delay, on 4th July, Stefan opened a brand new shop in Olney in Market Square.

There is a gorgeous window display featuring Hustle Gin and big blooming flowers. But of course, there is floor to ceiling shelving brimming with bottles of wine from all over the world! Each bottle is handpicked by Stefan himself, sourced directly from the vineyards. There’s no third-party agents or wholesalers, so the wine you see on the shelf is great quality and a better price.

And that is one thing that is most striking when browsing the wine-laden shelves. You might think that an independent wine shop is inaccessible when it comes to price, but The Wine Cellar is not expensive. A great bottle of wine will set you back around £10 and you know you’re getting a great quality wine!

You’ll also find local spirits like Hustle Gin and Willow Tree Gin, as well as local beers like Hornes and cider from my favourite Northamptonshire cidery, Saxby’s.

My top tips for choosing a wine

I am by no means an expert in this field, but if you are a bit of a wine novice like me, here are a few of my tips for choosing your wine from The Wine Cellar.

1. Don’t judge a bottle by its label

In a supermarket, I always pick a wine that has an attractive bottle, however, if you’re shopping at The Wine Cellar, remember that Stefan has handpicked all these wines, so if he’s stocked it in spite of its label, it’s probably a good ‘un!

2. Start with what you like

Think about what wines you do like and start from there. Explore the types of grape you enjoy and the regions that you appreciate. Dan and I will always like Chianti from Northern Italy, so we usually work with that. There’s no point buying a bottle of white wine if you don’t like white wine!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you get stuck, ask! Stefan is usually on hand to help you choose a good bottle. If you know what wines you like, then he can give you an idea of something you’ll like and what is similar. We came away with a fantastic bottle of rich red wine – not usually something we’d go for but you never know what gems you might discover!

If you are looking for an independent shop to discover wonderful wines, great local drinks or are just after a gift for a wine lover in your life, The Wine Cellar should definitely be on your ‘to-visit’ list.

Have you paid a visit to The Wine Cellar Olney yet?

Visit The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar – Woburn

12 Market Place, Woburn, Bedfordshire, MK17 9PZ

The Wine Cellar – Olney

20A Market Place, Olney, MK46 4BA

You can also shop with The Wine Cellar online.

The Wine Cellar Olney Banner

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