Why you need to visit The Bakehouse Deli in Newport Pagnell

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I love discovering new indies and sharing them with you! Today I have such a gem to tell you about. The Bakehouse Deli in Newport Pagnell is owned by Alessandra, mum of two and owner of The Game Changer Kitchen, which I am sure you are already familiar with. Known for its cute decor and delicious food, The Game Changer Kitchen has become a bit of a cult favourite in Milton Keynes. The Bakehouse Deli is Alessandra’s latest venture, which opened in July this year.

The Bakehouse is a boutique coffee shop with baked cakes and a deli fridge. Everything is made fresh in-house and the menu changes every week. When I say you need to put this on your ‘to visit list’ – I mean it!

The journey so far

Alessandra started The Game Changer Kitchen in 2018 as a meal prep business. Following her first baby, they opened in DW Gym in 2019 which was swiftly followed by lockdown which saw them launch Treat Boxes and Afternoon Teas for people to enjoy at home.

In 2021, Alessandra had her second baby, bought a trailer but later reloaded to The Game Changer Kitchen in Giffard Park. Last year, they expanded and doubled the amount of seating. Alessandra wanted to set up a smaller, more intimate destination where she could bake delicious cakes and have a closer relationship with customers. And so, The Bakehouse Deli was born!

She says: “There have been a lot of ups and downs! There are great days, there are stressful days and low days, but to be doing what I love to do – bake, make coffee, chat with customers, think of food all day and eat it – is the best thing. It’s crazy looking back at our journey and I’m very grateful.” 

The Bakehouse Deli

The Bakehouse Deli is located on Wordsworth Avenue in Newport Pagnell, just opposite Portfield’s School and near The Dove pub. There are a few seats inside if you want to enjoy your coffee or bite to eat, but it’s mainly a takeaway destination where you can go and grab something truly delicious.

The Bakehouse has a variety of food made fresh every single day. There are always 12 different cakes available, as well as a deli fridge with savoury items. The menu changes every week and often includes sausage rolls, sandwiches, toasties, salads, scotch eggs, pasta, granola pots and more! 

And of course, you’ll also find great coffee. They use Wooden Hill which is one of the best coffee roasters in the area.

The team at The Bakehouse are so friendly and welcoming, which adds to the vibe. I spent an hour during the lunchtime rush sitting near the counter, watching several regulars come and go who love visiting the Deli.

The Bakehouse is very intimate, cosy and cute. Alessandra explains how they already have some regulars. “I love that we have regular customers that come in almost every day and know their exact order. I love it when customers come in and are excited to see what cakes we have that day or what the deli menu is for the week. We have such a warm, friendly vibe and are a hidden gem!”

“I love that we have regular customers that come in almost every day and we know their exact order.”

Alessandra, The Bakehouse Deli.

The Food at The Bakehouse Deli

Onto my favourite thing about The Bakehouse Deli… The food! On entering, you’re greeted by two glass showcases – One for cakes and one for savoury. The menu changes every week, so you will always have something a little different every time you visit. The menu features different and unique food combinations you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Milton Keynes which I love.

On my visit, I enjoyed a Creamy Mushroom, Emmental, Spinach, Parsley Aioli, and Parmesan Focaccia (which was incredible!) but the real star of the show was the Truffle Honey, Brie, Apricot Jam and Rocket Croissant. The flavours worked together so well! I know the menu switches up, but this combo best be back on the menu soon…

“The menu features food that you wouldn’t make yourself at home. It’s undulgent to eat, but fresh and ready to eat quickly.”

Alessandra, The Bakehouse Deli

I also had a Chorizo Sausage roll which was so tasty, packed with filling and had beautiful crisp pastry. The Red Velvet Bueno slice and Eton Mess slice were delicious too. Very indulgent and a little different to any of the bakes I’ve around Milton Keynes.

When I asked Alessandra what inspired the menu, she had a surprising answer! “The menu features food that you wouldn’t make yourself at home. It’s indulgent to eat, but fresh and ready to eat quickly. A lot of the inspiration for The Bakehouse is based on chains like Starbucks, Pret and Costa. I don’t necessarily enjoy the food they make but it’s convenient and relatively affordable. There is a reason that customers visit nearly every day so this is exactly what I have tried to recreate with The Bakehouse.”

“Our flavours are obviously on a different level and the food is made fresh in-house by my chefs and I. It’s not mass-produced and that’s what makes us different!”

I loved visiting The Bakehouse Deli and would recommend it next time you look for a seriously delicious lunch! Ale and her team would love to welcome you to The Bakehouse Deli for fresh, delicious food.

Follow them on Instagram @thebakehousedeli or Facebook to find out what’s on the weekly menus and stay updated with their brand-new Dessert Nights.

Find The Bakehouse Deli: Unit 5, 42 Wordsworth Ave, Milton Keynes MK16 8SB. Open 8am – 2pm Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, 9am – 8pm on Friday and 9am – 2pm on Saturday. Visit www.thebakehousedeli.co.uk to pre-order cakes or sandwich platters.

Have you visited The Bakehouse Deli yet?

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