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AD – This experience was gifted.

Food is such a big part of my social life. Lots of people go out for dinner or cook meals for their family and friends, but when you take a step back and look at why we do it, it’s because it brings people together. Whether it’s your Mum’s Sunday Roast, your Grandma’s hot pot stew or your best friend’s signature curry recipe, good, hearty food is usually at the centre of all social occasions. It’s something that I think Cameron & Co. (formally Cameron’s Kitchen) has managed to execute exceptionally well.

If you are from Milton Keynes, you might be aware that Cameron’s was a fine dining spot in Stony Stratford – it was one of my favourite spots in MK! Unfortunately, due to changing demand and dining preferences it closed, but head chef, Dan Cameron and his partner Ailie Bishop have continued their venture as a private caterer which gives them the flexibility to do events. Ailie invited me along to their second supper club, hosted at Fourth & Fifth. The aim of these supper clubs is to bring people together over good food: expect big tables, big plates of food, wine and lots of conversation! This time, the theme was South America and so I was ready to give my tastebuds a carnival feast!

We received a glass of prosecco on arrival and started to tuck into the snacks on the tables which included tortillas, spicy salsa and the most glorious coleslaw. I also loved the black eyed bean and jalapeno hummus which had a fantastic kick to it and went so good with the sweet potato brioche. Then chilli infused watermelon topped with feta was served as a canape. It was bursting with freshness and had a nice, salty kick to it thanks to the feta.

There was also a bowl of quinoa and avocado salad floating around the table which I ate SO much of. It was packed with red and yellow tomatoes, avo and loads of lime. It was so fresh and not going to lie, I finished off our bowl.

Then came all the big sharing plates and it was such a feast! First up was a Scallop and Salmon tropical ceviche with yuzu and coconut. Now, I’ve never been to South America and I would really love to because ceviche is one of my favourite dishes. I first had it a few years ago on holiday with my friend – we did a come dine with me and her sister made a Peruvian ceviche for a starter and it was so damn good. Ceviche is a seafood dish made from fresh raw fish which is cured in citrus juices and spiced with chillis and various seasonings like onions, salt and coriander. The citrus juice essentially tenderises the fish so the result is succulent fish and the most intensely flavoured juice which is great for dipping bread in. The scallops were light and buttery, literally melting in the mouth and the salmon was just beautiful. The whole was so light, bright and packed with flavours. A great way to start the meal.  

A plate of beef chilli empanadas was passed round. Empanadas are like a fried pasty filled with joy like beef chilli or vegetables. These were crisp, dense and delicious!

Next came the meats: Brazillian Churrasco and Peruvian Antichuchos. Proper South American eat with your fingers street food. The Churrasco was almost like a kofta but crispier on the outside. The Antichuchos were incredible as they were so tender. Chicken thighs has definitely been used because oh my goodness the flavours. Both skewers were served with a pesto like dip which was fresh and sweet.

The Veracruzan duck was one of my favourite dishes of the evening. Crispy, tender duck served in the most incredible sauce. There was aniseed, there was coriander, there was chilli: so much going on but it all married together perfectly to create an almost oriental flavour but with a definite fire at the back of your throat.

The Quesadillas were served! It took a while for us to work out what they were as they were pretty much deconstructed! They were full of cheese, chorizo and tender ham. Perfect smash and grab food. The final plate was Salteado de Pato – sauteed roots and corn. Tender root veg, potatoes and crispy roasted sweetcorn were tossed in seasoning and cooked to perfection. A simple dish but still super tasty.

The dessert was served individually and was a selection of three little deserts: A pound cake filled with chocolate ice cream, quinoa panna cotta and chocolate dirt. There was also a scoop of what I think was yuzu cream. Yum. The pound cake was dense but the ice cream sorted it out. The quinoa panna cotta was almost savoury and a little nutty but so light. The chocolate dirt injected a bit of texture into the whole thing and went nicely with the yuzu cream.

So, as you can see, a very very good night of food! The social element of the evening was great too. We got chatting to a few people on our table who, as it turned out, also lived in Haversham! What a small world.

This supper club cost £38 per person, which I think given the amount of food we had and that the quality of ingredients was high, it really was worth every penny! We were immersed in South American flavours for the night in the company of some lovely people and I would definitely recommend booking yourself in for the next supper club!

To keep up to date with Cameron & Co’s upcoming supper clubs or make a booking for your own private event, head to their website: www.cameronandco.events. Make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter below, because I’ll make sure I let you know when the next supper club is so you can get your paws on some tickets.

On another note, it’s got me thinking about hosting my own supper club, so watch this space…

Have you ever been to a supper club? Would you like to see more social dining in Milton Keynes?

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Disclaimer: I was invited along to Cameron & Co’s Supper Club as a guest in return for this review. My Dad paid in full for his ticket and we paid for our drinks during the evening. This doesn’t affect my honest opinion!

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