Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass

I was invited to try out the Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass last weekend, which was a very exciting event indeed! I’ve never ventured to Bar Opus at One Snowhill before, but heading there for cocktails seemed like a good first trip. Carry on reading to find out about the cocktail classes and how you can recreate your own versions of the cocktails at home!

Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass

Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass Bar Opus Cocktail MasterclassBar Opus Cocktail Masterclass

The class takes place by the bar; our class was hosted by Sam and Tim, who were both very welcoming and up for a laugh. We played ‘Ring of Fire’, which wasn’t the crude, ruthless student version I’m used to playing! Each person turned over their card and each card required us to do a different thing. One of them sent a pass the parcel around the group and I won a little bottle of Chase Marmalade Vodka, woo! It was the most civilised ‘drinking’ game I’ve ever played and the only drinking involved was sipping the cocktails we made. We made two: a Honey Bee and an Elderflower Spritz. You didn’t have to be a mixology expert to make them as everything was pre-measured for you to pour into the glasses – all we had to do was shake, stir and sip! (keep scrolling to find the recipes for the two cocktails!)

The Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass takes place every day, so whether you want to learn the classics or discover something new to wow friends, Bar Manager Sam Cross will teach how to mix, shake and stir drinks from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Classes are one hour and cost £15 per person. To book, call 0121 289 3939. To find out more about events happening at Bar Opus at One Snowhill, visit:

After we had made our cocktails, Afternoon Tea was served! A beautiful spread was put on for us as well as a few more cocktails to try … If you have Afternoon Tea and Bar Opus, they usually add in a sharing cocktail and we had a Smoking Monkey, which was a gorgeous fruity mix! Dainty little cocktails were also served in egg shells, but I can’t remember for the life of me what they were called. They looked beautiful all the same!

Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass

Thank you to Bar Opus at One Snowhill for having us and also to Clive Reeves PR for organising the event – I’d highly recommend giving the classes a go as they are very good value and it’s really fun making you’re own cocktails! I don’t think I’ll be making a career in mixology anytime soon, but as promised here are the recipes for the two cocktails we made. Cheers!


Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass Cocktail Recipes

Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass Honey Bee cocktail recipe

Honey Bee

– 50ml Jim Beam Honey

– 25ml Monin Vanilla

– 1/2 Bottle Vanillalicious

– Honey and honeycomb as garnish

Fill up a pint glass with ice, Jim Beam honey, Vanilla and the vanilla milkshake. Shake it up, ensuring you get enough air into the mixture to create a froth. Strain into a martini glass and garnish the top with honeycomb and a drizzle of honey. This one is sure to satisfy anyone who has a sweet tooth and taste exactly like a milkshake!

Bar Opus Cocktail Masterclass Elderflower Spritz cocktail recipe

Elderflower Spritz

– 50ml Chase Elderflower

– 25ml Elderflower cordial

– 12.5ml Fresh lemon juice

– Fevertree elderflower tonic

Fill a wine glass to the top with ice. Pour the vodka, cordial and lemon juice (to taste) on top of the ice then top up with tonic. Give this cocktail a little stir to ensure everything is mixed together and finish with a sprig of rosemary. This one is far too easy to drink and I could definitely see myself sipping one on a hot summer’s day!

Have you ever tried a cocktail masterclass?

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