Afternoon tea at Cadbury World

I’m guessing Cadbury World isn’t the first place you’d head to when you think of afternoon tea destinations but you may find yourself being pleasantly surprised. I was invited along to Cadbury World the other week to spend the day at the famous chocolate factory and to be treated to an afternoon tea! I actually live extremely close to Cadbury World; Selly Oak is the next stop on the train from Bournville and it’s no more than a five minute drive away. Built for the workers of the chocolate factory in the 1800’s, Bournville is very picturesque and the scent of chocolate lingers in the air if the wind is blowing in the right direction! If you live in Birmingham and haven’t been to Cadbury World yet, why not!?

Cadbury World Cadbury World the big hoot owl

If you head to Cadbury World within the next few weeks, you’ll be greeted by Buttons the Owl, who is part of #TheBigHoot2015 and has been chocolate-ified! We started off our visit with a tour of Cadbury World, learning all about where cocoa comes from and where the company began. It’s a self-guided tour so you can peruse at your own pace, making it the ideal place for families. Although much of the stuff there is very child orientated, it’s a fun way to see how the chocolate is made and is ready to be distributed. Our favourite part had to be the cup of liquid chocolate, served with whatever you liked! I went for popping candy and marshmallows … yum! The newest addition is the 4D Chocolate Adventure which is very fun indeed despite definitely being for children. It’s like the 4D rides at Disney World etc where the seats move and you feel like you’re on a roller coaster. I had way too much fun in this!

Cadbury World liquid chocolate Cadbury World 4D adventure

Now for the best bit … The afternoon tea! Now, I’ve never had a proper afternoon tea before so I was pretty excited to get stuck into it. For just £19.95 per person, you can have the afternoon tea included with your ticket price, which I think is really good value and is a great end to your visit. You sit in a separate part of the cafe called ‘The Pavillion’ which is quieter and just reserved for those having afternoon tea. The food is served on a cake stand and the tea in bone china cups, which is always a nice touch. There were three types of sandwiches; red Leicester cheese and pickle, salmon and cream cheese and ham with mustard. Each one was very tasty and I loved the way brown and white bread was used. There was a lot of cake. There were two coconut jam slices along with two brownies and rocky roads. The chocolate used in each definitely had the distinctive Cadbury taste! Finally, on the top tier was two scones and two macarons, one strawberry, one pistachio. The scones came with proper clotted cream and jam which is an absolute must in my opinion! All this was washed down with perhaps the best cup of tea ever.

Despite everything being rather tiny, we felt surprisingly full afterwards! I’m glad we skipped lunch on this occasion.

You can book a visit to Cadbury World including an afternoon tea via their website. 

Where’s your favourite destination for afternoon tea? Have you ever been to Cadbury World?

Cadbury world afternoon tea Cadbury World Afternoon tea sandwiches Cadbury World Afternoon tea Cadbury World scones

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  1. Emma wrote:

    Hi Sophie, lovely pictures J I’m glad you had fun around the walking tour, it’s a
    shame I didn’t get to do that part for lack of time.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your Afternoon Tea. I just felt it was
    lacking that ‘magic’ of Cadbury – but the food was delicious. X

    Posted 10.8.15 Reply
  2. This looks really nice! I love chocolate so I’d definitely have a visit if I was near by <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    Posted 10.8.15 Reply
  3. megsiobhan wrote:

    This just sounds and looks heavenly!! I’d be like Augustus Gloop from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, I’m sure of it!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    Posted 10.8.15 Reply
  4. I was disappointed that I couldn’t review this as the dates are all in term time. Being a teacher I do take a school trip there every year though (which I don’t pay for) so I’m lucky there!

    Posted 10.8.15 Reply
  5. I had no idea that Cadbury did afternoon tea! It looks amazing! I definitely need to book a trip x

    Posted 10.8.15 Reply
  6. I googled this before I even fully read your post! This looks incredible. I haven’t been to Cadbury World in years and if I didn’t have an excuse to go before I definitely do now!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

    Posted 10.9.15 Reply
  7. Georgia wrote:

    This looks like so much fun! The cup of melted chocolate and marshmallows sounds incredible! xx

    Chasing Belle 23

    Posted 10.10.15 Reply