Restaurant Reviews

Feta parcel from Greek Affaire

Lunch at Greek Affaire, Stony Stratford

2nd September 2019

Our meal at Greek Affaire was complimentary. Not much stays a secret in Stony Stratford; I’d heard rumblings for a month or two that the owners of French Affaire had acquired another building in Stony. I was absolutely thrilled when I got a message from Razvan to let me know they would be opening a […]

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Afternoon Tea at French Affaire, Stony Stratford

15th August 2019

AD – This experience was gifted in return for this review. Happy National Afternoon Tea Week! I promised that after my review of Maaya’s Indian afternoon tea I would have another review swiftly following and I’m very excited to share a review of a very decadent afternoon tea at French Affaire in Stony Stratford. French […]

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Port Isaac Lobster Salad on a yellow plate

Dinner at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Port Isaac

13th July 2019

Dan and I have made a bit of an unspoken pact to tick off two Michelin star spots each year. We have already visited Il Ridotto (one star) in Venice back in March and next on our list was Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Port Isaac. We got a voucher for a meal here between us […]

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An Evening at The NEW Wavendon Arms

20th May 2019

AD – This meal was gifted in return for this review. The Wavendon Arms is a popular bar and country style pub in Wavendon, Milton Keynes. It’s part of Mitchell’s & Butler’s pubs, which is a small group known for decadent dining destinations and great food. The Wavendon Arms is one of the latest pubs […]

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Returning to The Wilderness, Birmingham

5th May 2019

For those of you who’ve read Sophie etc since the beginning, you may know that for three years, I lived in Birmingham. I went to university there and it’s actually where you can trace right back to my food blogging roots. The first restaurant review I wrote on my blog was in 2014 and it […]

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Lunch at The Five Arrows, Waddesdon

25th April 2019

AD – Our meal at Five Arrows, Waddesdon was complimentary in return for a review. One of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday is getting out and about and exploring the local area. I am very lucky that there are plenty of beautiful places on my doorstep, including the lovely Waddesdon Manor which is […]

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A Social Supper with Cameron & Co.

17th March 2019

AD – This experience was gifted. Food is such a big part of my social life. Lots of people go out for dinner or cook meals for their family and friends, but when you take a step back and look at why we do it, it’s because it brings people together. Whether it’s your Mum’s […]

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