About Sophie

I'm Sophie and I like to write. By day, I work in Tech PR and social media and by night I write my lifestyle blog. I live in Milton Keynes and am passionate about showing people it's not a boring place to live! When I'm not being a wordsmith or taking photos of my food, I'm most likely eating, reading, doing yoga or working out so I can eat more.

I have a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham and during my studies there, I discovered my passion for food. I now spend a lot of time at local street food fairs and independent restaurants sampling some of the best culinary delights out there.

I also like to travel and I want to see more of the world every day. I think New York is my favourite city on earth.

About The Blog

Sophie etc is a lifestyle blog. Originally set up in November 2012 as a means to fuel my growing interest in beauty and penchant for writing, Sophie etc has now developed to encompass most of my interests from mental health to food to fitness. In 2013, Sophie etc was shortlisted to win Company Magazine's Best Personal Style Blog as well as being chosen as British Style Blogger's Blog of the Month. Since then, Sophie etc has grown from a tiny little blog to a fully-fledged self-hosted site that I am immensely proud of. I have been the face of The Fort Shopping Centre's #StyledByYou campaign and worked with several high profile brands such as Thomas Sabo, Nespresso, Ted Baker and Pretty Little Thing. I was also a judge for the Chef of the Year at the MK Food Awards 2018.

Work With Me?

If you like what you see, I regularly produce content for and work with brands. Click here to download my media kit and find out more about working together.