A little life update


Well hello.

I fell like it’s been a while since I sat down and wrote a chatty blog post. Back when I started my blog, life updates were pretty much all my posts consisted of so it’s probably been a few years since I wrote a diary-style post.

2018 is literally speeding by and I think I say that every year when it hits July. It’s already been two years since I finished university and started working in PR. What a crazy two years it’s been already. I thought uni was a life-changing experience, but post-grad is even more of a rollercoaster and the person I was two years ago is very different from the person I am now. So I guess now is a better time as any to go ‘back to my roots’ and have a little ramble.


Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last few months.

1. In June Dan and I went to Rome for a whirlwind city break, which was absolutely glorious. We walked until our feet were sore and drank Italian wine until we were giddy but it was such a lovely city to explore. I fell in love with the food and the culture, so Italy is definitely on my travel bucket list to revisit. Our trip also gave me a real fuel for blogging again and I absolutely loved writing my Rome City Guides, which I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I did creating them!

2. Speaking of time going fast, I celebrated my 23rd birthday this month. 23. Birthdays feel like they lose their shininess after 21, don’t they? Either way, I had a really lovely few days celebrating with my favourite people. A group of friends all went to the Sausage and Cider Festival in Milton Keynes to spend a day in the sun drinking Mango cider and eating street food, which was the best kind of day. I felt very spoilt and my New York fund has been nicely topped up for our trip in October!



3. For my birthday present, Dan took me to Portland Restaurant in London, which is Michelin Star! It was the best meal I’ve ever had and one our favourite date nights ever. We went to a cocktail bar called The Lucky Pig, which was really fab – think speak easy style with lots of quirky cocktails. We had espresso martinis with custard creams as a garnish – an absolute winner in my eyes! It was a really fun evening and one I won’t forget in a hurry.

4. I’ve been going through a bit of a ‘feeling stuck’ phase recently. I’m not really sure what world I was living in when I left university, but by 23, I kind of thought I would be standing on my own two feet. To some degree, I absolutely am – I never ask my parents for money, I pay for my car myself and pay keep whilst I’m living at home, but part of me is just longing for that full independence. It’s made me feel quite low recently, and I know it’s probably just a phase but it’s difficult to get out of that mindset when it always feels like my savings are going up and down. The frustration was real when I realised I needed to pay for new brakes, tyres and my car insurance in consecutive months..!


Bardot top & skirt - F&F Clothing* | Wedges - Next (last year | Bag - ASOS |

Earrings & Necklace - Made Jewellery*


5. Contrary to feeling stuck, my mental health has actually taken a positive turn. My anxiety had started to flare up a bit, but not in an explicit ‘I’m about to have a panic attack’ kind of way. I just started to feel really nauseous and overwhelmed whenever I was doing something I wanted to enjoy. I started counselling sessions back in May/June and they were so helpful in helping me to see where I could make my thought processes a little more positive. This has helped me to think more positively and worry less, which in turn means I’m enjoying experiences more. I wrote more about this in my ‘Yes’ blog post.

As I write this I’ve been sitting in the garage waiting for my car tyres to be changed – a productive use time if I do say so myself! I shot these photos with Gemma back in spring when we went to Ampthill for the morning to try out The Cupcake Bar (featured in my coffee shop guide if you want to find out more!) Looking back then, the weather was still sunny so I really feel like the UK has had a proper summer this year. F&F kindly sent me a bundle of summer clothes and to be honest, I've still been wearing this outfit a lot as it's such a good'un. I was also gifted these gorgeous pieces from MADE Jewellery, a brand creating gorgeous pieces of jewellery in Kenya using traditional techniques and materials. Definitely worth checking out if you love indie brands and boho style jewellery.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend - Dan and I are off to a spa tomorrow and I can't bloody wait! xx