My new skincare routine & how I fixed my problem skin

I’d been in denial for a while about the state of my skin. Then about six months ago, I finally admitted to myself that it was getting out of hand. I had horrible under the skin spots down the sides of my face and on my chin that were incredibly sore. Despite me not wearing any makeup most days, always cleansing my face in the evening, drinking lots of water and using natural products, nothing seemed to be working to clear it up.

Acne in your twenties SUCKS. I was lucky enough to never suffer from any skin problems throughout my teens, I got away with the odd blemish here and there but nothing major. I’m fairly comfortable with how I look, but these spots were really starting to get me down. Covering redness is one thing, but when the texture of your skin resembles something like the surface of the moon, makeup just looks cakey and shit.

Trail and error and error…

I tried dairy free, I tried coming off the pill, I tried Duac gel… I was getting frustrated. Dairy free didn’t have any effect at all. Coming off of the pill for a few months threw my hormones into more disarray and made things worse. The Duac gel the doctor prescribed fixed the big, sore, infected blemishes thanks to the antibiotic in it, but after a while, it started to make my skin dry and cracked. I came back from my holiday in France in August and my skin was worse than ever. The usual ‘sun sea and air’ didn’t cure it at all, and I had angry red blemishes all over my cheeks, along my jawline and all over my forehead.

My skincare routine

I discovered my ‘cure’ about a month ago after taking a sample from Kiehl’s whilst stocking up on my favourite moisturiser. This resulted in a complete overhaul of the products I was using on my skin. The wonder product has been an overnight mask which has given my skin its glow back and completely transformed the texture. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been using and when.


I cleanse my face with the Ultra Facial Cleanser and then rinse with warm water. Instead of using a towel, I use a clean tissue to dab my skin dry – towels hold a ridiculous amount of germs! The cleanser is a foaming gel, but it is non-drying and doesn’t strip the skin. I don’t get that tight, shiny skin feeling after I’ve used it – it just feels very soft and clean!

I sweep the Ultra Facial Toner across my face with a cotton pad. This toner gently helps to resurface the skin and is alcohol-free so perfect if you suffer from dry skin! I then finish off with the Ultra Facial Cream which does exactly what it says on the tin!


For makeup removal, I like to use Micellar water. At the moment, I like the Garnier one for combination skin or the Yes to Cucumbers Micellar Water* which is wonderfully soothing for stressed-out skin that’s been under makeup all day. I then cleanse with the Ultra Facial Cleanser and remove it with a clean muslin cloth.

I follow with the toner, then apply a fingertip size blob of the Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque. Once I’ve given it a good massage in, I just tissue off the excess. It’s a very odd consistency and a little sticky, so it’s best applied as soon as you can before bed, as otherwise, it wipes off on your pillows! I’ve been using this every night for the last three weeks and it has worked absolute miracles on my skin.

The mask clears all the redness, started to reduce the bump texture and for the first time in months, my skin was glowing. And I could actually see my freckles again! After a quick Google, I realised that the problem was likely that my skin was very, very dehydrated because of the products I was using such as a tea tree toner.


I also use the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque once a week to help prevent any future blemishes appearing and to reduce the scarring that’s left on my face. This is a thin mask that helps restore the glow to my face. I apply a thin layer only to where I need it, leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off. I use this before I go to bed and follow with my normal evening routine.

Before and after

The ‘before’ photos were taken at the beginning of July. My Skin pretty much stayed like this until I started using the Kiehl’s routine. As you can see, I had some pretty nasty pus-filled spots along my hairline, and the texture was very bumpy.Alll you can see in the after photo is just leftover scarring which is slowly but surely clearing up. The texture has improved dramatically which makes it a lot easier to do my makeup! It’s one thing covering redness, but trying to cover up bumpy skin makes it look even worse.

I still can’t believe how different my skin is. I’ve noticed such a difference since investing in this routine. Obviously, these products worked for me, so they may not work for you but if you are struggling with your skin I would definitely recommend looking t the products you’re using. Kiehl’s are the first skincare brand I’ve used that has had a noticeable impact on my skin, so I would definitely recommend popping to your store for a consultation. They are great with giving samples so you can find something that is right for you. Although the products aren’t cheap, they really really work and if it means my skin is clear, I don’t mind the investment!

Make sure you have a good diet, are sleeping well and are drinking plenty of water as well as using the right products too – my skin can flare up after eating too much chocolate… Worth it sometimes though, right?

You can shop the whole Kiehl’s Ultra Moisture range on their website: 

What miracle skincare products do you recommend?