Turning Twenty-Two

Today is my 22nd birthday, so happy birthday to me and all that jazz. I never really do birthday blog posts, just because I feel like I never have much to say aside from HI I’M ANOTHER YEAR OLDER. However, this past year has been a whirlwind. The year after graduation has sped by and I’m like oh, man, I’ve been employed twelve months already why is my life not more together…

But that doesn’t really matter. Okay, maybe I wanted to have moved out by now, maybe still in a relationship (l o l), but life is a weird one and it twists and turns you in all sorts of directions. Which, yes, does drive you a bit nuts if you’ve got a personality like mine where you like to be in control. Thing is, you can control the chaos, and I think over the past year, I’ve done a pretty good job of that. Even one of my friends told me how proud I should be of myself for how I’ve just dusted myself off and got on with life.

I am a very different person to who I was when I turned 21. It’s only been a year, but a lot can change. So I tried to make a list of 22 things I’ve learnt, but I thought you might get bored. So here ten things I’ve learnt instead.

Ten life lessons

1. Leaving university is harder than leaving school. The fastest, best, most memorable three years of my life. I felt like a little part of me was lost and left in Birmingham when I finished. I will treasure those memories and friends for a lifetime.

2. Relationships aren’t always forever, even when they feel like they could be. Whether they end because of betrayal or lack of love, from the day you met that person, you were only ever meant to be together until everything was over. Each relationship is a very small chapter in a long book, and there’s something new to learn with each one.

3. You always deserve better. Whether your boyfriend is making you feel shitty, your friend is being an asshole, or your job is ruining your life, you deserve more. Life is too short to be around people or situations that make you feel any less than your worth. You will save yourself the heartache in the long run.

4. Time is a healer. In the moments where your world feels like it’s ending and nothing is every going to be okay again, cling onto those slithers of hope that it will be. When you look back on those moments in four, six, eight months time, you will realise how far you have come, and how much stronger you are. You’ve survived every bad day so far. So just keep swimming.

5. It’s okay to still be living at home at 22. I’ve had a bee in my bonnet the past few weeks about this, but I think I’ve finally come to accept that it’s totally fine, and actually, comes with all the perks. Dinner, washing, minimal rent, housemates who are nearly always there, and people who support you no matter what. Yeah, living at home is alright.

6. Dating is weird. And it’s totally okay if your first proper date was only two months ago… It will either make you more exasperated with men, or you might find someone you quite like. Either way, it’s all life experience. Oh, and Tinder is definitely worth downloading just for the awful chat up lines.

7. Self-confidence is a wonderful thing. It’s empowering and it radiates from you like a kind of infectious energy. If someone doesn’t like you because of the way you look, more fool them. Feeling confident in your own skin doesn’t come with someone else telling you that you’re beautiful, it comes with you telling yourself that you are beautiful.

8. Life is sweeter when surrounded by good friends. Cherish the friends you have and always seek to make new ones where you can. Surrounding yourself with positive people does wonders for the soul. A good friend is someone you can call on at any time to cry down the phone or to literally just tell them you’re about to book a trip somewhere crazy.

9. “Those $20 bills look better in your bank than on your feet.” – Sophia Amoruso. True. But also, you’re young once. You don’t have to own a house at 22, or 23 for that matter. Save a chunk of your salary every month, but Sophia, life is also short, so buy the shoes. Or the holiday.

10. At the end of the day, happiness is everything.

What I’m Wearing

Jumpsuit – boohoo | Jacket – Bershka | Sliders – TU @ Sainsbury’s | Bag – Accessorize | Sunglasses – Ray Ban

And it was all yellow…

I’ve been calling this my happy jacket. I’ve only recently incorporated yellow into my wardrobe, and I’m a big fan. It’s such a gorgeous addition to any spring summer wardrobe. Biker jackets have a clever way of making whatever you’re wearing look exactly one hundred times cooler. I picked this little gem up from Bershka when I was in Brighton. It was an absolute steal and I spent ten minutes wandering around the shop deciding whether to buy it, but when I got in the queue I kept thinking of everything it would jazz up in my wardrobe. Sold. Oh look – another black and white striped culotte jumpsuit… I was meant to get this in black with white stripes but somehow ended up with this one. However, it’s so nice I couldn’t send it back. I’m in love with the

Oh look – another black and white striped culotte jumpsuit… I was meant to get this in black with white stripes but somehow ended up with this one. However, it’s so nice I couldn’t send it back. I’m in love with the criss cross tie back and halterneck. ALSO you can wear it bra free, which is just excellent in my opinion. Nice one boohoo. Paired with this yellow number, it’s just magic.

Photos by Ellie Burns

  • Shona

    Happy birthday! I absolutely love this outfit, I came across that Boohoo jumpsuit the other day and so nearly bought it, I think you might have convinced me to give it a go!

  • Happy belated birthday babe! Love these life lessons. This jumpsuit is absolutely gorgeous on you Soph! 🙂 xx Laura


  • Shannon Clark

    Sophie, as always, you look incredible! I hope you had a lovely birthday 🙂


  • Aww you look amazing and happy belated birthdaaay! xx