Why you should ‘shop’ your own wardrobe

Last weekend I had a HUGE clear out of my wardrobe which was well overdue. I was completely ruthless when it came to going through my clothes. Anything I hadn’t worn in the last six months to a year went on the goodbye pile, and anything that was broken or worn out got recycled. I am so guilty of buying clothes and wearing them a few times before banishing them to my wardrobe (which might as well have been Narnia pre-clear out…) I rediscovered several things I’d forgotten I owned, so it got me thinking – it’s so important to shop your own wardrobe when you’re looking for something to wear!

Here are three reasons why…

Getting your money’s worth

It seems a bit of an obvious one, but if you’ve spent money on clothes, it’s almost a waste if you don’t wear them! My wardrobe is a good mix of classic, timeless pieces that will last a long time (like jeans, white shirts, midi skirts) and fast-fashion pieces that will likely be on trend for one season. I have already shared why I prefer to invest in quality not quantity when it comes to clothes, so by getting pieces that last will avoid clogging up your wardrobe. If I’ve spent £30 on a skirt I’ve owned and worn for the last four years when it finally wears out, I will definitely feel like I have got my money’s worth!

Discovering ‘new’ outfits

I think my favourite thing about going through my wardrobe is finding new outfit combinations that I wouldn’t have automatically thought to put together. Combining newer and old pieces in your wardrobe is a great way to give yourself a budget-friendly style overhaul. For example, I bought this bardot top last summer and the midi skirt at Christmas. The bardot top brings the skirt into the summer season, which I always thought would lend itself more to the festive period. How wrong I was! Accessorising is the key to updating your old clothes too – the addition of the neckerchief, sandals and quirky bag bring this outfit right up to date.

What I’m Wearing

Silver midi skirt – Marks & Spencer Limited Edition | Bardot top – Pull & Bear | Studded Sandals – Missguided | Bag – Minnie Mouse x Kate Spade | Neckerchief – ASOS | Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Budget-friendly blogging

I think I speak for a majority of fashion bloggers when I say that we tend to try ad feature new clothes every time we do an outfit post. But if I only posted brand new outfits on my blog, I’d never post any flippin’ content because I would never be able to afford to keep it up that way! For me, fashion blogs are a way for me to get style inspiration, so I’m not going to be super annoyed if I can’t buy something that someone is wearing. It doesn’t make you any less of a blogger for styling up your old clothes, in fact, I think it makes you a more talented one!

So next time you have an occasion to go to, don’t jump straight on ASOS (soooo tempting, I know…) Have a rummage in your wardrobe, you might surprise yourself!

What are your thoughts on shopping your own wardrobe?

Photos by Gemma Spinks

  • This post has defo motivated me to go through my wardrobe now. I’m wondering why I still have tops I haven’t actually worn since 2015…


  • This is a lovely outfit! As I’ve moved abroad I have such a small wardrobe now and it’s really refreshing to actually wear everything I own!