16 good things

2016. A very strange year for me. There’s been a few endings this year, but plenty of new beginnings. This year peaked in the summer for me: graduations, holidays, parties, birthdays, new jobs… The last few months have been a struggle to say the least. But more on that later. I want to end the year on a positive note, so have spent some time flicking through photos and blog posts and picked out 16 good things that have happened to me this year.

  1. I’ve been to some new places this year and it’s giving me a thirst for exploring the UK. In January I went to York, and at Easter I went to Bath.
  2. I survived my dissertation with only one teary phone call home and a very stressful Easter break. BUT all the hard work paid off and I got a 2:1 in it!
  3. I finished my final year at University on a massive high: the dance show, Guild Awards and Gradball made it all the more difficult to leave but I’m so grateful for all the wonderful memories I created in those final months.
  4. I well and truly branched out into food blogging and had some ace opportunities this year!
  5. I graduated from the University of Birmingham with my BA hons, English with Creating Writing and walked away with a 2:1.
  6. Harry and I explored Paris and Amsterdam this summer which were new for both of us. We loved every minute and I’m desperate to go back to Amsterdam!
  7. I got my first big girl job in PR with a wonderful company and wonderful colleagues.
  8. I finally kicked the habit of biting my nails, which has been my New Years Resolution for the past God knows how long!
  9. I turned 21 and spent a sunny summers day with my lovely family and friends, drinking afternoon tea in the garden.
  10. I was involved in an amazing campaign with The Fort shopping park which resulted in my face being on a billboard and in a magazine!
  11. I have met some truly wonderful people this year who I hope will stick around for years to come.
  12. Mine and Harry’s holiday to La Palma was a much needed week in the sun. We relaxed, drank sangria every day, swam, relaxed some more and saw dolphins.
  13. It is entirely materialistic, but I’ve already completed my life goal of owning a Mulberry bag… and purse!!
  14. I have managed to keep in touch with my closest school friends all through university. We don’t see each other too often, but when we do, things haven’t changed one bit and I love them so dearly.
  15. I visited Geneva with work and survived the 3,842 m height of Mont Blanc.
  16. Day by day, I am closer to kicking my anxiety in the butt. After a nasty few months, I’m slowly picking myself back up again thanks to support from those closest to me. It’s something I couldn’t do on my own.

What good things has 2016 brought you? Share them with everyone: #16GoodThings


Jumpsuit – M&S | Shoes – Oasis | Biker Jacket – Missguided | Bag – Mulberry