Gym Session & Lunch at Marriott Hotel Birmingham

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I was recently invited to try out the newly refurbished gym at the Birmingham Marriott Hotel. Contrary to what I wrote in this post, I actually quite enjoy going to the gym with Harry now. I’ve surprised myself! So I was actually quite excited to try out the gym and leisure facilities at the Marriott. We were given full reign of the fitness equipment and pool facilities, followed by lunch and we ended up having a really lovely morning in the end.

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The Gym

The Marriott Hotel is located on the Hagley Road in Five Ways, so very central and within reach of the town centre. The Hotel Gym isn’t huge, but it serves the needs of those staying at the hotel who want to have a quick workout. The gym area has recently been extended and refurbished with all the latest Life Fitness equipment, meaning you can definitely get more out of our workout.

The cardio machines were quit impressive, with screens on them that allow you to track your workout, see your heart rate and even watch TV! Aaron, who introduced us to all the new things, said that there is also an app that you can download to track your progress if you use the equipment often. There were two treadmills, two bikes, two cross trainers and a stepping machine. I did fifteen minutes each on the cross trainer and treadmill and found that the screens were really useful in tracking the workout, calories burned and heart rate. If I’d have remembered my headphones, I might have even been able to enjoy Homes Under The Hammer… I also spent some time on the stepping machine but had to stop because it murdered my calves!

The extension of the space means that there is more room for weight and resistance equipment. There was a really cool rowing-type machine that was weighted by water, so you could see the amount of resistance you were up against. I am easily pleased. Harry did weights for an hour and was able to do as much as he needed to with the equipment available.

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The Pool

I love a good swim, so after an hour of working out, we slipped into our swimming costumes and took a dip in the pool. The pool area is fairly big, with chairs around the edge to relax on should you wish. Everything was very clean. There was also a spa pool and steam room which were probably my favourite part of the morning. The spa pool was warm and gave you a bit of a massage as you sat within the bubbles. The steam room was full of a relaxing aroma and hot steam to soothe your muscles and mind. After we sweated it all out, we leapt back into the pool (which felt freezing!!) and then headed to get changed for lunch.



The Marriott kindly provided lunch for us after our session in their West 12 Bar & Grill. We were both ravenous and decided to have the Marriott Club sandwich. Turkey and salad were sandwiched between three slices of toasted brown bread and served with the biggest portion of fries I’ve ever seen, though I’d say we earned it! We were super cheeky and also tried out some of the Bar Snacks on offer. My choice was the Hoisin Duck Spring rolls, which were the dream. Harry chose the BBQ chicken wings which were incredibly tender and coated in a sticky sweet BBQ sauce.

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A big thank you to the Marriott for letting us try out their new Gym and lunch, we had a great morning and felt very refreshed afterwards! If you end up staying at the Marriott, I’d definitely recommend taking your fit gear with you as it’s well worth using, even if you just end up going for a swim!

Find out more about the Gym and leisure facilities on the Marriott Hotel Birmingham website.

Do you ever use hotel gym facilities? Have you been to a Marriott Hotel before?


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Pool image: BJL