Modern Red

Kiko Campus Idol collection 2016 Double Match lipstick and liner in modern red

Red lipsticks. So classic, so chic, so cool. 

You’d be surprised at how much red is done wrong with lipsticks. If it’s too orange, your teeth look a bit funny, too blue toned and suddenly you’ve turned into snow white. Well, have nailed the colour and the product with one of their newest releases, the Kiko Double Match Lipstick and Liner from the Campus Idol collection. The colour is fantastic and you can say goodbye to the eternal problem of ‘where’s my matching lip liner?’

Okay, so I’m not a massive fan of the packaging: a little bit twee and the lipstick is housed in a matte white casing which attracts dirt like a magnet. But the quality of the product itself outdoes those minor niggles.

I went for the shade ‘Modern Red’, which is a classic, pillar box red that every gal needs in her make up bag. It’s not too blue or orange so will flatter most skin tones. It has got the best of both worlds, with a matching lipstick and liner. The liner is creamy, sharp and matte as heck without drying out the lips. The matching lipstick is smooth with incredible pigmentation and a slight silky finish.

I applied this at 11am in the morning and got back from lectures at 5pm and it was still going strong. It hadn’t faded even slightly. The colour did bleed ever so slightly around the edges, but I think that’s the lipstick rather than the liner, so it just proves a liner is necessary with this.

It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing lipstick you’ll own, but it saves a lot of faff and the product is good enough to make other brands pretty envious. Plus, a good red lipstick makes you walk with significantly more sass, amiright?

What’s your staple red lipstick? Have you ever tried anything from Kiko?

Kiko Double Match Lipstick and Liner in modern red swatches