Mind over matter

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Taking Time OutTaking Time OutTaking time out

Primark jumper / New Look denim mini skirt / River Island boots / Oasis fedora (sale) / Cambridge Satchel Co push lock bag (sale) / Ted Baker necklace & bracelet / JORD wood watch*

So it sounds like one of those clichéd Pinterest quotes that is written in italic script and pinned to a ‘Words to live by’ board.

But actually, a mind over matter philosophy makes a lot of sense. I may be outgoing, confident but I am a worrier. Often about really silly things. So how can you prevent getting swallowed up by negative thoughts?

You are strong

Your mind in particular has an effect on you and is a lot stronger than you think. Just like it has become habit to always think negative, you have to make it a habit to always think positive.

Set yourself goals

If you are feeling overwhelmed with a workload or suddenly everything in the world needs doing this week, you can do it. Set yourself achievable goals for each day. Before you know, you will have nearly finished. Big goals are intimidating but little goals are achievable.

Surround yourself with positivity

Negativity can be toxic and we all know at least one person whose glass is half empty. Don’t eliminate them from your life, but be sure to spend more time with people that make you feel good and try and become resistant to any negative vibes but shutting them down with positive ones!

Love yourself

By this, I don’t mean standing in the mirror telling yourself how great you are. No, I’m talking more about self-love. Be proud of what you’ve achieved (maybe you want to make a list?) and give yourself some credit for being able to achieve what you want. I’ve started doing a Daily Yoga Practice with Yoga with Adriene, and I love it. If I have time, I do half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. It is so good for both your body and mind, restoring balance and eliminating any worries. Namaste.

Although I have always had my glass half-full, I’ve been trying to maintain this attitude which makes for more productive, positive, I-can-do-it days.

Taking Time Out Taking Time Out

I wore this outfit whilst exploring York last weekend. Although it probably wasn’t ideal for the freezing temperatures, I popped two pairs of tights on, wore high boots and snuggled up in my big coat. My denim mini has been a bit of a lust-have for a while until I got it for Christmas from my brother. It goes with everything and nods to a slightly preppy style. My new bag is from the Cambridge Satchel Co sale which was amazing. I got nearly 50% off the RRP and the colour is just perfect. It fits my phone, purse and a lip balm in which is all I really need and saves me lugging around a giant bag full of stuff I don’t need…

Taking Time OutTaking Time Out