Five things to love about Christmas

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Although it hadn’t felt particularly wintry thanks to the abnormally warm December, I’m starting to feel decidedly festive. As we wind down to Christmas, (two days, eek!) here’s a run down of everything we all love about Christmas.

Five Things To Love About Christmas

1. Family. Something I appreciate a lot when I’m home from university for a few weeks. I love seeing all my family around Christmas time and this year we will be spending Christmas day at my Grandma’s house which I’m really looking forward to.

2. Food. Mainly cheese! I’m quite proud for eating nearly a whole brie last year (not in one sitting). There’s no other time of year when it is perfectly acceptable to eat so much you fall into a food coma.

3. Great TV. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the massive amount of Christmas specials or films on TV for the next week or so, would it? There are so many great things to watch this year including all the film adaptations of Catherine Cookson’s books that will be shown over the holiday season on Drama. I got to have a sneak peek at The Cinder Path recently and I have to say it’s pretty good! I won’t reveal too much but if you like great period dramas with plenty of plot twists this is definitely one to snuggle up and watch. Drama has plenty of interesting films on this Christmas, including the Cookson adaptations, all of which you can find here. Let me know what you think of the film if you watch it!

The Cinder Path

4. The atmosphere. I can’t put my finger on that exact feeling, but you just know when you feel Christmassy don’t you? The halls are decked with sparkly lights, tinsel and baubles, the stores and offices are playing some classic songs and people have been looking for a holiday with family for weeks, which just adds to the festive feeling.

5. Christmas Eve. This is when I feel like I have regressed to a five year old as I’ve got older; I go to bed so excited for Christmas day and usually wake up earlier than my brother … I go to the Carol service at the church, then cosy up by the fire before leaping into bed fully expecting when the house is all quiet, this is is when Santa comes.

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? Do you like to cosy up in front of the TV and watch some classic dramas? What are some of your favourites? Have you ever seen a Cookson adaptation? Will you be watching any of the ones from Drama?

There’ll be no post until the 27th now, so have yourselves a Merry little Christmas! xxx

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