A Christmas Catch Up

Hey, hey, happy Monday! Can you believe it’s Christmas IN FOUR DAYS?! I’m so excited. Mainly because I’m home and enjoying the comforts and festivities. Though, I don’t think we can get any more lights in our house if we tried. I haven’t been doing my weekly round ups for the past month or so. I have been so busy with uni work, that I haven’t had time to blog much at all. I didn’t want my archive to be full of weekly round up after weekly round up … So I think I’m going to switch to monthly round ups. So take this as a one off, bit of everything from the past few weeks until I kick start monthly catch ups in 2016. Here’s a life update before the festivities get fully under way and we are all too full of cheese to do anything else …

a christmas catch up

I’m home for Christmas after an incredibly busy term in Birmingham. I can’t quite believe how fast the time has gone, nor that I only have one teaching term left before I’m out in the big wide world. Which is terrifying and if I’m honest, I’m quite scared by the prospect of that. I don’t consider myself to be an anxious or shy person, but I think I’m scared about leaving the bubble that is university and putting myself out there. It’s  so hard to think about life after uni when I’ve got constant work and deadlines, but the work will hopefully pay off. Lets all cross our fingers!!

The weeks before I came home from Birmingham were so cute. My parents came up for the day at the beginning of December for lunch and some Christmas shopping. We went to Bodega, which is definitely my new favourite place for burritos! We also wandered around the German Christmas Market, which is also nice, albeit a little over the top when you’ve lived there for a few years. It is, however, the perfect excuse to buy a Berliner as big as your face. In the last week of term, they put on a ‘Winter Spectacular’ on campus, complete with a big wheel, mini ice rink, helter skelter and mulled wine. It was so cool, one of the best things the university and student’s union has done. I also pretty much ate my weight in mince pies and had far too many glasses of wine in the last week. The English tutors brought in food for the whole of the last week of lectures, which I am totally okay with, even if I’m in a food coma/hungover state before 9pm. My house mates and I put together a big Christmas feast on the very last day of term which was glorious. We had turkey and all the trimmings which was a lovely way to finish off the term. We were in food comas for the rest of the evening and didn’t touch the chocolate yule log we bought for dessert …

A christmas catch up

So I’m now at home sitting in front of the fire in a very festive lounge. Like I said, Mum has gone fairy light crazy this year and I think our lounge could be the envy of Oxford street … Harry is coming up today so we can see each other before Christmas and I’m excited because to give him his presents. I swear gift-giving gets so much more exciting as you get older! We are going indoor skydiving tomorrow afternoon which was a birthday present from Mum and Dad. It is essentially floating in an air tunnel – Google Airkix and all will be explained!

I’ve got two essays to write over the holidays which is not ideal but once I’ve handed those over in January, I can get stuck in to my final term at Birmingham, sob! If you don’t find me on here very often, it’s because everything else has to now take priority over Sophie etc, which pains me to write! I’m hoping to be able to keep up with at least one post a week, because if I’m honest, blogging keeps me sane, even if I’m getting less time to do it.

I hope you all have a lovely week, winding down to the festivities! Thanks for reading my blog this year, hope you’ll all continue to browse through, it really does mean a lot! xx