Last week I went down to London on an unusually sunny Wednesday afternoon to see my good pal, Ellie. We were meant to be heading an event with Joe Browns but ended up spending more time eating burgers, drinking cocktails and looking at balloons than actually at the event. Woopsy.



Marks & Spencer Limited Edition striped top / Marks and Spencer Jeans / New Look fur gilet / Matalan shoes / ASOS bag / Wood Watch by JORD* / Happiness Boutique necklace*

It’s that annoying time of year when the weather doesn’t know what to do with itself; that weird transitional period where it’s still kinda warm, but there’s a definitive chill in the air. After flapping about, I was pretty damn chuffed with my outfit choice and feel like this is going to a be go-to for the slightly warmer days – if there’s any more. Marks and Spencer are once again my new favourite destination for amazing clothes. I’ve bought so much from there recently! The limited edition range is so perfect, packed with quality pieces to see you all through the seasons. I’ve also discovered their jeans – I’m wearing the jeggings here which are the perfect every day high waisted pair. They are skinny fitting but not so the blood is drained from your legs; hey, they’re almost like a mom jean. Fur gilets are everywhere again, but this season there is definitely more choice. I picked this beaut up from New Look, mainly because I love the colour. It’s super soft (most definitely faux fur!) and is a fab alternative to a coat when you know you’ll get a bit sweaty on the tube.

Ooooh, I don’t think we’ve discussed my hair yet! I had it cut about two weeks ago. Annoyingly, it’s not really what I asked for – I definitely didn’t want it this short but it’s growing on me now, after I spent a few days sulking. I guess it’s nice to have a bit of a change every once in a while and hair does grow, albeit slowly. I do love the layers they put in though – it gives it so much volume and lots of texture so there is a silver lining!

Soho P9091443

We were going to head for The Diner on Carnaby Street for food but after wandering across to Soho, we walked past the end of a little street and Ellie said, “Oh, Honest Burger do the best food!” So we spontaneously ended up in there – well, inspired by our hungry tummies and almost desperate for food. We had cocktails to start; I had an Honest Cocktail that was essentially a glorified gin and tonic complete with cucumber. Why the heck not. Ellie went for a bourbon concoction that made your head a bit tizzy on the first sip. The food was marvellous; I went for a chicken burger which was served in a brioche bun with mustard mayo. Heaven! Ellie had a veggie burger which was seriously packed and almost made me jealous. Both burgers come with rosemary seasoned fries which are quite possibly the best chips I’ve ever had. So chunky and perfectly seasoned. The best bit was that this came to just over a tenner each, so next time you’re in London, seek out Honest Burger for amazing food. A quick note: it does get super busy in the evenings so head there around 5:30-6pm if you do fancy it.

covent garden balloons

After popping into the Joe Browns event we headed to Covent Garden for a wander. We were going to go to the Magnum shop but we were so full of food that it just wouldn’t have been worth it, however pretty the instagram .. There are balloons all under the market place at the moment in Covvy G, it looks like a big bundle of clouds and they light up, fading in and out. It’s weirdly relaxing standing underneath them – me and Ellie nearly fell asleep before we decided it was probably time to leave.

Thanks to Ellie for taking my outfit pics and for a lovely evening! I hope you enjoyed this eclectic post – I kind of threw everything in together because I didn’t quite have enough photos to justify individual posts.



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