Weekly Round Up #1

I thought I’d start a new lifestyle series in the form of a weekly round up style diary post! I often have a bit of a chat when I post outfit photos but as I like reading these kinds of posts, hopefully you will too. I hope to post them every Sunday with things I’ve been doing and little life updates.You’ll find most of these snaps and more on my Instagram.

1. I had a New Look voucher to spend which is always exciting, so I picked up a palm print blazer. It has a waterfall front, which makes it perfect for the evenings. I’m enjoying monochrome prints a lot right now – mainly because they go with absolutely everything!

2. On Monday, I went to see Laura Marling at The Institute in Digbeth with my friend Rosie. I had press tickets as I was reviewing the gig for Redbrick, the uni newspaper. She was absolutely incredible and I haven’t stopped listening to her albums all week. If you haven’t heard of her already you should go and check her out!

3. Harry and I went to Wagamamas on Tuesday after a bit of a shop at the Bullring. He had a voucher to spend, so it was guilt free… We went for something other than Katsu curry this time! I had a Wagamama Ramen which was SO tasty and Harry had a Beef Donburi. With Chilli Squid to start of course! I bought a few beauty bits and Harry made his first Lush purchase and is extremely happy with his new Dirty soap and I am a proud girlfriend.

4, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with The Body Shop’s new range, Fuju Green Tea. It smells incredible and is a really relaxing scent for any time of day. My showers are now super refreshing and I can’t wait to use the body butter every morning. With exams stressing me out a little bit, at least I can find a little bit of solace in the shower! I reviewed the Fuji Green Tea range this week, so check it out.

5. I can’t believe it’s May already. This year is already whizzing by. It’s less than a week until my exams start so I’m not looking forward to the next few weeks too much. I only have three but they’re worth 60 credits (half my second year mark!) so they count for a lot! I’m not good at sitting still and revising for long periods of time so I’ve been getting up early whilst I’m in the mood for work then doing other, more fun things in the afternoon!

6. I got the best surprise in the post this week. Harry had ordered me a Flamingo Candle to help me get through my exams. It was the Pink Lemonade scented one – it smells dreamy! I’m so soppy, but it was a lovely surprise and made my day!

7. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. If I don’t have a good breakfast I spend the whole day hungry. On Saturday I had avocado, poached eggs and mushrooms on toasted granary bread. I took a tip from Islay and sprinkled a little paprika on the avo, and it was so delicious! This fuelled a morning of revision until lunchtime!

8. I’ve been looking for a new handbag for so long, so when I received an ASOS voucher I decided to get this pastel pink beauty. It’s leather and really roomy. Ideally, I’d have liked a black bag as they do go with everything but this was too pretty to not get, plus it suits the spring and summer more right? I can’t wait to swan around with it and fill it with all my unnecessary stuff that appears to fill my other bags!

What have you been up to this week?


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