Thursday, 24 January 2013

tangle teezer original

Tangle Teezer Original, £10.99, Boots
From the response I got on Twitter after mentioning this product, I'm guessing it's popular with a lot of people... I don't think I heard a single bad thing about it and so I decided that it's time I invested in one of the best selling hair care products on the market - The Tangle Teezer!
After using it for a few weeks now, I can see why it's so popular. I don't have particularly tangled hair, but when I take it down from a top knot and brush my hair, it can pull hairs out and hurt a bit! However, when I use my Tangle Teezer, I feel no pulling or yanking at all, and my hair is left looking smooth, shiny and healthy.  I'm sort of trying to grow my hair a little longer at the moment, so the fact that this isn't pulling on my hair at all is good, so it doesn't stop the growth!
The Tangle Teezer is the brain child of hairdresser, Shaun P, who went on TV show Dragon's Den in 2002 to ask for an investment in his baby business. He was turned down by all of the dragons, and now Tangle Teezers are stocked in all Boots stores, John Lewis and many hairdressers. The secret of the de-tangling hair brush are the two sizes of flexible bristles on the brush, which run through the hair smoothly and the flexible plastic massages the scalp as it goes through the hair. It also brushes out dry shampoo better than any other hairbrush I own! It's really lovely to use, and the effects are amazing. I've forgotten what a normal hair brush is...
It's amazing for taking around with you too, being compact. It doesn't ruin the style of my straightened hair either when I give it a quick brush during the day. It fits perfectly in your hand as you can see above.
I'm so pleased I finally invested in one of these amazing brushes, they are great value too, retailing at £10.99 each*. I chose the hot pink one, but there are plenty of colours to choose from now, and you can buy a travel size too. 

Do you own a Tangle Teezer?

*Paid for with gift card.
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