Thursday, 24 April 2014


I love Lush. I could literally spend all day in that shop, indulging in the plethora of products and sniffing them to my hearts content. Too much? Apologies, I'll just tell you about my favourite products instead....

1. THE COMFORTER / THE BRIGHTSIDE BUBBLE BAR, £4.50 I couldn't decide which one I wanted to love more because I love both insane amounts. So included them both. The Comforter is my go-to when I have a bath - its like having a huge-bubbly-pink-berry-smelling hug. Amazing. The Brightside, however, is bright orange citrus scented bar of beauty. I LOVE this. I smell it and it instantly uplifts my mood. And the good news is.... it's now permanent!!!!! Rejoice! 
* Ellie suggested using a bit of each in the SAME BATH. Will report back on this.... 

2. ANGELS ON BARE SKIN SOLID CLEANSER, £6.25 Well when people ask me what my holy grail skin care product is, I always shove this in their face. Angels on Bare Skin is an absolute life-saver of a product. Red angry spots? Calm yourselves. This contains lavender and rose oil to relax and balance out the skin. It doesn't dry it out and it makes my skin feel super soft and glowy. When I don't use this I totally notice the difference. SO go out and get yourself a tub. 

3. LOVE LETTUCE FRESH FACE MASK, £5.50 I got this when I traded in my five empty Lush pots, and although I've only used it twice I think it's my favourite face mask Lush have ever created. It smells BEAUT and calms my skin down immensely. It is also very scrubby (technical talk here, guys) so exfoliates too! I love using this before bed as it smells faintly of lavender!

4. TEA TREE TONER WATER, £3,45 Still on the subject of skincare (did you know I love Lush's skincare?) Tea tree toner water has been a product I have repurchased again and again. Known for it's anti-bacterial properties, tea tree is included in this toner to help reduce spots by getting rid of bacteria on the surface of the skin. I love sweeping this over my face in the morning and at night to help clean my skin.

5. VANILLA DEE-LITE BODY LOTION* Oh man. I wish this wasn't so expensive so I could constantly buy it. This smells like heaven in a bottle. It's an amazing body lotion too, it's not sticky or greasy - just leaves my skin feeling soft and scented with vanilla! I must get the full size version of this. MUST.

6. BUBBLEGUM LIP SCRUB, £5.45 SO good you could eat it...oh wait. This is my fave fave thing to use to scrub my lips to softness. It contains all sorts of lovely things to make your lips look smooth and taste scrummy. A little over priced, but amazing.

My love for Lush is by no means exaggerated in this post... Sometimes I struggled to find the words to highlight how much I actually love their stuff. What Lush products are you so obsessed with that the words evade you? XO

Monday, 21 April 2014


Jeans - Primark
Shoes - George @ Asda (old)

I've always steered clear of blouses like this with the peter pan style collar, because I never thought they'd suit me but this gorgeous floral print blouse has become my new favourite thing! The print is perfect for sunnier days and the lace collar adds gorgeous detail. It's so pretty and comfortable ahhh I'm in love. I've paired it with pastel jeans and simple nude studded ballet flats for a pretty spring look. This has pretty much been my go-to outfit recently, especially if I'm doing things in the day such as meeting up with friends or ticking things of my to-do list! Now I love collars, I want more. Cue another love affair...

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Saturday, 19 April 2014


I took a trip to the hairdressers on Wednesday for a bit of a change... I've been trying to get my hair blonder but as most of us find out, trying to DIY it doesn't work and you end up with green tinged or orange hair. (remember that Tracey Beaker episode!?) The only way you can go proper blonde well, is to take a trip to the hairdressers. I went to a local salon called Capelli's (which is in Stony Stratford for any one who's in Buckinghamshire!) as they had a special deal on for a cut, colour and blow dry for £49 which was an amazing price seeing as colour can be way above that.

I have quite dark hair naturally, it's kind of a mousey colour so they needed to lift the colour quite a lot. The colourist used an ash blonde all over my hair then put brighter highlights in the T-section at the top of my head. They cut it exactly how I wanted it too. As I'm trying to grow it a bit, I hate having too much cut off but she literally just cut off the dead ends. (which were quite dead, I haven't had it cut since Christmas OOPS) So I was left with a lovely shape to it, long layers and much healthier looking hair!  

I'm so pleased with everything! I was initially quite terrified of how bright it was when I came out of the salon, but after a few washes and using John Freida's toning shampoo on it, it's softened and different tones are beginning to come out in it. I keep walking past mirrors and not recognising myself as its a lot blonder than I've ever been before, but I love it! I'd definitely go back to Capellis, they were so lovely and listened to exactly what I wanted. I'd never actually been to hair salon before as we've always used mobile hairdressers so it was a real experience for me ha!

Thursday, 17 April 2014


12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

With spring pretty much here, I can't help but fall for all the pretty pastels I'm seeing everywhere! There are some really beautiful pieces out there, especially the gorgeous playsuit and kimono from LOVE. Missguided have some pretty pastel pieces too and right now I'm loving co-ord sets. I want a pair of 'mom jeans' in my life and Missguided have a good dupe of the Topshop ones - I think they'd look awesome with crop tops. I've also fallen for the mini Cambridge Satchels and the pastel pink one is perfect for spring and summer. 

Are pastels on your hit list right now?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Hat - Topshop

I feel wonderfully festival-chic in the outfit! This dress is something I wouldn't usually pick up in shops but I got it in the UO goodie bag that I won at the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer launch party! It's a lovely relaxed fit with a gorgeous print and cinched in waist - perfect for days when you just want to pull something on and go. It's got a very seventies-boho vibe to it, with the orange floral print and flared sleeves. I can't wait to wear this in the summer with strappy sandals, but as it's cooler at the moment I'll probably pair it with ankle boots.

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