Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sponsored post: Moroccanoil presents #InspiredByWomen

We all have a role model. Whether this is a celebrity, a friend or maybe our own mother. Whoever it is, we strive to take inspiration from them and carry some of their actions in our own lives to do good. Moroccanoil have started a new campaign called 'Inspired By Women' which takes a look at what it means to lead an Inspired life. It follows six stories of women who have done something amazing to help people. Every story is different and each woman stands for beauty and their achievements - a true celebration of women. The campaign is led by Rosie Huntingdon-Whitley. Here are a few of the stories that Moroccanoil follow. Watch the rest of the videos on the Moroccanoil Inspired by Women page.

Allyson founded Threads for Teens, a free boutique which serves thousands of at-risk girls in the foster car system. She realised these girls loved fashion and wanted to succeed but being in extreme poverty meant it was very difficult for them to express themselves through their passions. 

Jessica has invented a simple but brilliant way of creating electrical energy, using something that happens every where and involves every one - kids playing football in the street. It is called SOCCKET and uses the kinetic energy from an everyday kickabout which ensures children in developing countries can light their homes, keep food fresh and have access to clean water. Just by doing something they love. 

Chrissy began The Sato Project which raises funds and awareness for dogs found on Puerto Rico's "Dead Dog Beach". She quite literally fights for them, putting on her boxing gloves to make sure the abandoned dogs end up in new homes for the rest of their lives in the USA. 

As you can see from these stories, each of these women have pushed to ensure what they do improves lives whilst enlightening their own. If each of us took a little inspiration from just one of these women, and lit up someone's day every day, then the world would truly be a wonderful place. It truly shows that one woman can make a difference. 

* This post was sponsored by Moroccanoil but 
all thoughts are my own.
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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Things I'm loving #3

I've been a busy busy bee recently and I've finally managed to slow down this week and catch up on some blogging and writing. Here's a few things that I really like/are keeping me sane at the moment...

NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL BY LENA DUNHAM I'm halfway through this already (quicker than I ever read any of my course books...) and I'm hooked. Dunham writes in such a witty way about everything she's experienced growing up. It's very easy to relate to and makes you feel a lot better knowing everyone, even famous girls, go through all the weird feelings too. It's by no means an angry feminist book, just a book that puts its hands up and says 'hey, we're all nuts and no one is perfect.'

LUSH SANTA'S LIP SCRUB Okay I know it's not even December yet but I can't help but use this... It smells like cola bottles and it has little hearts in it. SO. CUTE. My lips are horrendously dry and flaky as the weather has suddenly got really cold, so this helps keep them in shape and smelling yummy.

TANYA BURR NAIL POLISH 'MIDNIGHT SPARKLES' I'm no super fan of Tanya Burr, but I couldn't resist picking up a few of her new nail polishes. I love this deep shimmery purple that almost looks black. It's perfect for this time of year and only needs two coats! It doesn't wear amazingly well, maybe three days, but the colour is enough for me to be in love!

MEMEME EYE SHADOW QUAD 02* How pretty is this?! Autumn golds and shimmery browns are high on my list and I love using this to create a warm, golden smokey eye. The eye shadows are baked but are surprisingly pigmented and means you can use them wet or dry.

BODHI & BIRCH YLANG-YLANG BATH & SHOWER THERAPY* This is a small sample I got at #FABBbirmingham and it's such a beautiful relaxing scent. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished with the delicate scent of Ylang-Ylang. It's the perfect shower gel to use before bed time.

LUSH SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL Well this doesn't need many words. Lush's most loved shower gel, that appears in October, and disappears on Christmas day. This candy scented wonder is my favourite scent to use and I love the bright pink colour. This year it's got added seaweed to help nourish your skin even more!

What things are you loving at the moment?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

FABB Birmingham

Last week I went to FABB Birmingham, organised by Tor and Ray. It was held at Alfie Birds in the Custard Factory and it really was a fab event (sorry). I love Alfie Birds, and it was the perfect venue for it to be held at especially with the amazing food downstairs!

It was lovely to see some familiar faces again, as I go to more events in and around Birmingham I always see Tasha from Wand Included and Amy from Pretty Young Thing. It's also a great opportunity to meet and chat to other bloggers, which I probably should have done more of!

There were a lot of brands to chat too which meant an awful lot of goodie bags (thank you - I'm not complaining!) I discovered a lot of new brands which I loved such as Bee Good, a UK based company that make products using British Bee honey and wax. Style Skin are a new brand launching soon that sell faux fur products. I already had my eye on quite a few things!! Bodhi & Birch also had a stand and were giving sample of their products. I have the Ylang Ylang shower therapy which is the most beautifully scented product ever! MeMeMe cosmetics were also there and generously gifted us some products which I've been loving.

A brilliant day and a massive thank you to Tor and Ray for organising such a great event!

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Rimmel Provocalips: Everything proof lipstick!

 Rimmel Provocalips in 'Kiss Me You Fool'; 'Play With Fire'; 
'Little Minx'; 'Dare To Pink', £6.99 each.

 I think I've found my perfect lipstick... It's life-proof. And you can buy it on the high street... Ladies and gents, this is wear proof, kiss proof, food proof, coffee cup proof... Lipstick overs REJOICE. Thank you, Rimmel, thank you lipstick gods. Introducing Provocalips, which launched last week. I've been itching to get my mitts on these and they've exceeded every expectation I had. It's an intensely pigmented liquid lipstick on one end that finishes matte then a gloss on the other end to add shine and prolong wear. These will last all day and all night without the need to touch up or fix the smudges.

I have four of the six shades available. The other few shades were brown-nudes and didn't really appeal to my bright side, so I went for a bright red, raspberry pink, a deep wine red and a pale pink. 'Kiss Me You Fool' is pretty much your classic pillar box red. There's no bleeding with the colour, so you can keep the slick red lip for longer. 'Little Minx' is a bright raspberry pink that has a blue undertone so should suit most. 'Play With Fire' is a deep wine red, similar to the matte Kate Moss lipstick in 107 that so many people loved! Again, no colour bleeding or transferring - your coffee cup is safe! Finally something a little more subtle is 'Dare To Pink', a warm neutral pink. This one looks best with the gloss on top, its the only colour out of these four that you can see creasing a little. I found just keeping it topped up with gloss prolonged wear and made my lips look a little more alive! 

The formula isn't drying at all and because the wear is so good, if your lips do feel a little dry you can add a bit of balm on top. To get the best results, I outline my lips with the end of the applicator then fill in. After it's dried, I pop the gloss on top or skip that if I'm going for a full on matte lip. I carry one around with me but don't need to top it up at all!

(L-R) 'Kiss Me You Fool'; 'Play With Fire';
'Little Minx'; 'Dare To Pink'.

I've included swatches of these one so you can see how wonderfully intense the colours are. They are all without the gloss on top except for 'Dare To Pink' so you can see the intensity of the colour! I cannot emphasise enough how amazing the wear time on these lipsticks are - it's insane! It exceeds six hours, and I'm not ashamed to say I woke up after a night out and my lipstick still looked perfect in the morning.... 

Get yours from Boots and Superdrug for £6.99 each.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Icebreaker Movies!

After reading my First Year Survival guide, I hope you're all settling into university with your new flatmates! I worked with Music Magpie to create an easy peasy guide to the best films to watch with your new pals. There's nothing better to chill out after the busy few weeks of freshers than to sit down to a movie night in. So grab the blankets, popcorn and cookies and check out my top five films you should sit down to first! 

*This content is sponsored. The infographic was created by
Music Magpie and the content written by myself, and the movies
were picked by me!